PDI Certified Proceptors - The only 100GPM rated device certified by PDI and IAPMO

We Have Advanced the PDI Benchmark

Green Turtle engineers believed there should be a high-capacity alternative to small hydro-mechanical grease interceptors typically found in commercial kitchens. Proceptor® with PDI certification was developed to provide an innovative solution to grease capture and retention, utilizing greater capacities and flow rates not certified for any other device on the market: 100 gallons per minute (GPM) and 200 pounds of grease storage.

PDI Certified Proceptors grease traps come in 5 PDI-certified capacities and models

A Brief History of Proceptor and Why It's Important

Proceptor engineered fiberglass gravity grease interceptors have been the benchmark in gravity grease and sediment separation performance for the past 20+ years. The Proceptor patented flow management design and corrosion proof fiberglass construction continue to deliver unparalleled peace of mind regulatory compliance throughout North America.


In response to those who rely on Proceptor gravity grease interceptors but have been blocked by regulations requiring PDI certification, Green Turtle has answered with PDI Certified Proceptors. Now, the proven Proceptor design advances PDI certification to a new capacity standard. These Proceptor systems are certified by PDI and IAPMO to meet current UPC and IPC standards.

PDI Certified Proceptors grease traps have an unmatched grease storage capacity Unmatched Capacity
All PDI Certified Proceptor models are certified to 100 GPM and 200 lbs grease storage by the Plumbing and Drainage Institute (PDI) and International Associates of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), the largest flow rate tested in the standard.


With 6 models ranging in liquid volume capacities from 100 gallons to 300 gallons and real-world and factory-verified grease and solids capacities of nearly half the total liquid volume, PDI Certified Proceptors are the solution that can easily and effectively manage grease from multiple sinks and devices, eliminating the need for multiple units or additional plumbing.


Incredible Installation Flexibility
Facilities managers and design engineers have never had so much flexibility when configuring a commercial kitchen. With both PDI and IAPMO certifications, PDI Certified Proceptors can be installed across the nation, in UPC and IPC states.


Available with fully H-20 traffic rated covers, PDI Certified Proceptors can be buried in the ground, either outside the building or in the kitchen. Above-ground installations, including in-kitchen, under the sink, or in the basement options are now also entirely viable.


Patented flow pattern of PDI Certified Proceptors grease traps Patented Flow Pattern
The patented distribution tee and elliptical tank shape create a laminar flow pattern designed not to disrupt or scour the grease and sediment layers. At full rated flow, PDI Certified Proceptors can hold between 45% - 50% of their volume in fats, oil, grease and food particles while delivering superior effluent quality.


PDI Certified Proceptors is the last grease trap you will ever need to buyHighest Overall ROI
With the highest capacity and greatest efficiency, PDI Certified Proceptors allow longer periods between pump-outs, therefore lowering overall operating costs. The math is simple and the savings are real.


ROI comes in other ways, too. The same unique shape, smooth walls and material of construction that create the superior performance of PDI Certified Proceptors also dictates its resistance to corrosion and buildup. The result is a tank that is easiest to clean, will not crack or break down, and will never need costly replacement. Gone forever is the cycle of rusty metal trap failure.

Proceptor's 30-Year Warranty Unrivaled Protection
Green Turtle is so confident in the design, engineering and quality of construction, it stands behind all Proceptor systems for 30 years from the date of installation. And not only is the warranty one of the best in the industry, it is certainly the most straight-forward and least complicated guarantee you will encounter.




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