Proceptor Grease Interceptor Systems

Alternative to Precast Concrete or Mild Steel

Conceived by Green Turtle engineers as a game-changing alternative to precast concrete or mild steel offerings, Proceptor™ was developed to provide an innovative solution to grease capture and retention. The result is a versatile, robust fiberglass interceptor that eliminates the corrosion and rust problems associated with unlined concrete and metal systems.

Proceptor Oil Separators Mitigate The Possibility of Soil Contamination and Reduce The Need For Soil Remediation Proof Is In The Performance
Proceptor systems are engineered and built to deliver the best separation efficiency in the industry. Unlike typical rectangular precast concrete tanks or cylindrical metal tanks, the smooth walls and patented shape of Proceptor interceptors do not create up-down turbulence that scours collected grease and carries it downstream. Together with the patented distribution tee, the flow pattern is designed to provide high effluent quality, even at maximum capacity. No other interceptor system can provide these unique benefits.


Don't Make The Corrosion Compromise
Food waste grease and solids, when stored, create an extremely corrosive environment. Both untreated precast concrete and metal are the wrong materials to use for the capture and storage of greasy wastewater.


Proceptor is a better choice than metal that rusts or concrete that corrodes

Proceptor Oil Separataors Cature and Store More Pollutants Than The Competition

Good Business Decision
As a result of construction materials that do not crack, corrode, break down or need replacement, the business owner can realize a lower total cost of ownership and a higher overall return on investment.


With precise and consistent build quality from an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility, Proceptor is destined to deliver a lifetime of low-cost service and high performance. Owners can consider the purchase of Proceptor a well-informed and entirely sustainable solution for their business and for their community, and can feel comfortable knowing the choice of Proceptor is a decision they will only have to make once.