Lowest Cost of Ownership
Metal grease traps or pre-cast concrete interceptors give the illusion of low cost until the expenses of inevitably repeated installations and replacements are fully considered. Metal and concrete systems will fail over time, resulting in kitchen or parking lot construction, costly disruption to business and, yes, potential fines.

The lowest total cost of ownership can be realized only by choosing Green Turtle's Proceptor systems, which are designed to be easily installed, and never need replacement.

Easiest to Service
Proceptor grease interceptors, oil-water separators, and holding tanks have smooth, non-porous curved interior walls making cleaning a simple pump-out and rinse.

Pre-cast concrete interceptors are built with multi-cornered porous walls. The porous interior surface traps grease and bacteria, and the many corners are nearly impossible to properly clean. Metal scrapers and pressure washing are needed to try to remove embedded grease and solids, and bacterial build-up contributes to the hydrogen sulfide "rotten-egg" odor which is harmful to human health.


Knowledge & Support
Choosing Proceptor is easy. Green Turtle's dedicated and knowledgeable staff is always available to help design engineers, architects, facility owners and managers make the correct choices. Our personnel know regulatory requirements, know how to work with regulators and inspectors, can help with sizing, can provide detailed installation and technical drawings and will support clients in all aspects of their project, from blueprint to installation and beyond.




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