Smartpro™ Wireless RF Grease, Oil and Sediment Level Monitor Introducing Our New Wireless RF Level Monitoring System
How do you know when your grease interceptor is full? Until now, the task of checking your tank meant lifting a heavy manway cover or ripping up your parking lot to install a wired system and paying a hefty monthly monitoring fee. Now, with the Smartpro™ Wireless RF monitoring system, you can check the grease, oil and sediment levels in your tank with the push of a button.

Now you know when your interceptor is full. With knowledge comes power. You have the power to manage your pumping frequency and control associated costs. You are not outsourcing the monitoring of your system - it is an in-house responsibility. You have confidence knowing you will always be in compliance and free of fines from exceeding your effluent limits.

How Your Knowledge Benefits You


Stay on top of costs: Why pay to pump a tank that is not at capacity? Smartpro tells you exactly how much grease/oil and sediment you have in your interceptor and verifies levels after each pump-out.





Stay in compliance:
While you may find it difficult to estimate the levels in your tank, the enforcement officer will not. Avoid fines by knowing how much grease you really have.




Ease of use:
There is no longer a need to lift a 300 pound access cover to check levels. Even better, there is no need to rip up your parking lot or your facility to install wires. And since it is RF, there are no monthly monitoring service fees.




Smartpro™ Wireless RF Installed in Proceptor Easily Integrated
The Smartpro Wireless RF sensor can be integrated with Proceptor™ grease, oil and solids interceptors, or easily retro-fitted into existing grease interceptors. Installation and initial set-up is fast and easy, requiring no backhoe and no electrician.

Smartpro™ Wireless RF Installed in Concrete Interceptor


A Smartpro Monitoring System or Alarm To Meet Your Needs
The Smartpro line of products includes wired level monitoring systems, interstitial monitors and pH monitoring systems that can be installed in Proceptor™ interceptors and separators, as well as pH acid neutralization solutions such as the PHIX™ family of products.