Retroceptor in kitchen under sink  grease traps

Yes, We Built the Better Trap

Green Turtle engineers developed a retrofit-friendly solution to replace failing metal hydro-mechanical grease interceptors. Aptly named Retroceptor™, the mission was to create an interceptor that capitalized on the strengths of currently available in-kitchen products while improving performance and operational attributes in several key areas. The end result is a light, compact, easy-to-retrofit system that utilizes several of the proven flow characteristics found in our high performance Proceptor™.

Under Sink Grease Trap

Applications for Retroceptor Installations

The Retroceptor High Performance Grease Trap High Performance
Retroceptor utilizes a patented flow configuration that splits, dampens, and elongates the incoming flow of wastewater. In fluid engineering terms, this system comes surprisingly close to plug flow characteristics. In everyday terms this means that there is no short-circuiting or channeling of flow in the system. By preventing turbulence, eliminating re-mixing, and providing maximum residence time per unit volume the Retroceptor creates an optimal environment for in-kitchen grease separation.



20 Year Warranty For Retroceptor Interceptor Built to Last
Retroceptor is constructed of engineered polymers that were specifically chosen for long life under harsh conditions. Gone are the days when a commercial kitchen operation has to replace a leaky, rusted, broken metal trap every two to three years. Retroceptor will be the last grease trap you ever need.




Preventing Odor Indoors with Retroceptor Addressing Health & Safety
Green Turtle addressed issues of kitchen odor and safety by starting at the top - literally. The heavily gasketed lid of Retroceptor is secured into place with 14 integrated bolts that are hand tightened to prevent leaks and odors from infiltrating the kitchen preparation area. The gasket is built into the lid and because of the design is less likely than other systems to become damaged during maintenance. Foul odors and slippery floor conditions will cease to be an issue.

Easy Grease Trap Installation & Replacement Flexible Installation
The unique flow pattern in the Retroceptor allowed Green Turtle to design a system that easily fits in confined spaces typically available in a commercial kitchen. Additionally, the dimensions of the Retroceptor fall well within the footprint of most competitive metal grease traps. Green Turtle has a system available to replace that rusted metal trap regardless of where it is currently installed – under sink, next to sink, or in-floor.

Retroceptor is constructed to be a top of the line commercial grease trap, commonly used in applications such as under sinks in kitchens and restaurants. It often times serves as a replacement for grease traps that were already installed and is a perfect retrofit solution indoors. For information on our outdoor grease interceptor solutions, visit the Proceptorâ„¢ page.

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