Green Turtle Technologies Proceptor Grease Interceptor

Meet The Proceptor Family of Separator Solutions

Conceived from the onset as a game-changer, Proceptorâ„¢ was designed to provide the best performance and reliability available in a gravity fuel, fat, oil, and grease separation device. With its unique design, Proceptor separation technology stands alone as the high performance exception for commercial, institutional, and industrial wastewater pretreatment. Green Turtle didn't stop there. The quality, reliability, and flexibility of the Proceptor fiberglass system also has been engineered seamlessly into the design of our EHT line of specialty holding tanks and the ProceptorPDI line of PDI-certified grease interceptors.

Grease, Fuel, Fats, Solids, and Oil Separation Applications

Disrupted Flow Pattern For Grease, Oil, Fuel, Interceptor Distributed Flow Pattern
Flow distribution characteristics within the Proceptor are so unique that Green Turtle has been awarded patents in the U.S. and Canada. Every aspect of the Proceptor design was thoughtfully considered, tuned, and tweaked to provide optimal pollutant separation, storage and removal.

Fiberglass Grease Interceptor From Green Turtle Technologies Material of Construction
Green Turtle took the revolutionary flow pattern and challenged our engineers to create a product that also would provide easy installation and the lowest on-going cost of operation and maintenance requirements. To this end, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) was specified as the material of choice because of its superior strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion compared to steel and concrete.



Operating Costs of Green Turtle Tech Grease Interceptors Low Operating Cost
Because of its design and performance, Proceptor provides the owner with maximum intervals between routine pump out and cleaning. And, since Proceptor only requires a quick rinse after pumpout, the time it takes to clean a Proceptor is significantly less than a comparably sized concrete interceptor. As any business owner can attest, it is critical that interceptors and separators get serviced quickly, discreetly, and completely, with minimal disruption to the business operation.

Manufacturing of Commercial Grease, Fuel, and Oil Interceptors Quality Manufacturing
The Proceptor is built in a modern, top-of-the-line fiberglass manufacturing facility adhering to the following composite industry standards: PS 15-69, ASME RTP-1-2000, and CAN/CGSB-41.22-93. The 50,000 sq. ft. plant uses an ISO 9001-2008 registered quality management system. Further, the plant utilizes a process-driven ERP system for everything from the day an order is entered, through assembly, to the day it leaves the shipping dock.


Grease Separator 30 Year Warranty Peace of Mind Ownership
Reflecting confidence in the design, engineering, and quality of the Proceptor System, Green Turtle extends an industry-leading 30 year structural warranty to the owner.

The Green Turtle Tech Proceptor line provides separation solutions for the grease, fuel, diesel, fats, solids, and oil interceptor needs of companies across the United States. Common applications include restaurants, vehicle maintenance garages, food processing facilities, car washes, and more. Read more about the Proceptor performance attributes below.

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