Introducing PHIX Acid Neutralization Systems

Always Keep It Neutral

PHIX™ Media acid neutralization systems feature innovative technology to lower wastewater pH before it enters the plumbing system and sanitary sewer. Need a better quality acid neutralization tank? Compared to acid neutralization systems that use limestone, granular PHIX Media has 5 times the neutralization power and 30 times the service life. PHIX systems have been specifically engineered to deliver maximum performance from directly under the sink in institutional and commercial settings such as schools, labs and hospitals. And when larger, multi-sink configurations are required, PHIX Gravity systems are the ideal choice to neutralize acidic waste water in many applications.Examples of the Practical Applications of PHIX Acid Neutralization Products from Green Turtle

PHIX Acid Neutralization Products Keep Harmful Wastewater From Entering the Surrounding Environment Environmental Compliance
Most communities regulate the discharge of acidic wastewater into the sanitary sewer system. Regulations often prescribe pH limits in the range of pH 5.0 - 10.0 to prevent corrosion of the system.

Limestone systems are large, cumbersome and, in practice, minimally effective. They can be quite difficult to service and maintain. An easy-to-service, long life, high efficiency system means greater insurance against pipe failure and regulatory non-compliance. PHIX Media systems step up to the challenge.

PHIX Acid Neutralization Products Are So Safe, They Can Be Handled By Bare Skin With No Harmful Effects Safety & Performance
PHIX Media is as safe as limestone chips, yet 5 times more efficient and lasts 30 times longer than limestone. There are no special storage and handling requirements because PHIX is a proprietary mix of solid alkali non-resin materials.











PHIX Cartridge Acid Neutralization Installs Directly Under Lab Sinks In Schools, Labs or Hospitals Easy Installation
PHIX Cartridge systems are designed to be installed easily under laboratory sinks with minimum disruption to daily operation. Simply connect the cartridge to the sink and connect the outlet to the plumbing system. Because it is installed at the source, acidic wastewater is immediately neutralized as it flows through the cartridge.


Similarly, when higher acidic flow rates must be neutralized, PHIX Gravity systems can be easily installed at the end of a laboratory plumbing run. On the floor, in the floor, in the basement, in a storage closet – inside or outside – there are many options available for placement.

Replacing PHIX Media Is Simple And Clean Maintenance Made Simple
Replacing spent PHIX Media is very simple. Unlike limestone, PHIX Media will not fuse together and become difficult to replace at the end of its service life. It comes in easy-to-handle 50 pound (22.7 Kg.) buckets. For PHIX Cartridge users, Green Turtle includes a pre-sized measuring scoop to take out the guesswork.

Green Turtle also has an answer for facilities currently using a limestone system they want to upgrade to a high performance solution. PHIX Media in pails is the answer. Simply remove the spent limestone and replace with the desired amount of PHIX Media. Do your facility a favor and make the switch today!

PHIX Acid Neutralization Products Are Backed by a 10-Year WarrantyBuilt to Last
PHIX systems are manufactured to last. Green Turtle utilizes tough polymers and composites to deliver corrosion-proof long life. Each PHIX system is backed by a 10 year written warranty.





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