Coffee Grounds In Your Pipes Equal Clogged Pipes - Microceptor From Green Turtle Is The Simple Solution

Change Your Daily Grind

For establishments where coffee is served, spent coffee grounds collecting in sink pipes will create backups. Costs related to kitchen downtime and plumber calls can be quite high. A single visit from a plumber to jet and unclog the pipes can cost several hundred dollars and quickly add up to thousands of dollars per year. To address this problem, Green Turtle engineers developed a simple but effective solution that applies to any sink where coffee-making utensils are routinely washed and serviced. The solution is a one-time investment called Microceptor™.

Examples of Perfect Applications of Microceptor Coffee Grounds Interceptor

Microceptor Coffee Grounds Interceptor Consists of a Siimple But Highly Effective Design Simple, Effective Design
Microceptor was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Its flow-through filtration system can be serviced and emptied by restaurant staff with very little effort or training, meaning there is no reason to interrupt kitchen productivity during the height of the day's business. Kitchen staff can now dispose of coffee grounds in the trash as they normally should, and let Microceptor capture the rest of the grounds when rinsing out utensils and cups in the sink.


Microceptor Coffee Grounds Interceptor Easily & Quickly Installs Under Your Sink Easy to Install
Microceptor, with its compact profile, fits directly under the sink.  It is easily installed with the integral gasketed compression fitting - connect it under the sink and tie the outlet into the effluent piping.






Microceptor Coffee Grounds Interceptor Is Very Easy To Clean and Maintain Easy to Clean
Microceptor can be serviced in two ways: on-line in-service mode and off-line take-down mode. The ball valve at the bottom of the unit allows for on-line in-service cleaning. Simply place a bucket and strainer (included) under Microceptor and open the valve. The captured coffee grounds and water are expelled into the bucket. For more thorough cleaning at the end of a shift or at the close of business, Microceptor can be serviced in off-line take-down mode.  In this manner, the unit can be taken apart to access and clean the replaceable stainless steel filter.


Microceptor From Green Turtle Comes With a 10-Year Warranty Worry-Free Protection
Microceptor is built from super-tough polymer to withstand the daily demands of a commercial kitchen. Green Turtle is so confident in the unit's construction, we give it a 10 year warranty.

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