Frames & Covers
FCH G4 Cast Iron Round Frame and Cover
FCH GB4 Cast Iron Bolted Frame and Cover
FCH 36 36" Cast Iron Round Frame and Cover
FC24FB 24" Fiberglass Flat Bolted & Gasketed Frame and Cover
- Indoor or Outdoor
- Adds Approximately 4" to height of tank
- Comes with 8 knob screws
FC24 FRP BSQ Fiberglass Bolted Frame and Cover
- Indoor Only
Extension Collars & Couplings
EC2   24" Fiberglass Extension Collar
EC3   36" Fiberglass Extension Collar
Collar Reducer   EC3 (36") to EC2 (24") Reducer
Collar Height   Determining Extension Collar Height
Coupling EC2   Fiberglass Extension Collar Coupling
Remote Suction for Above Ground/In-Kitchen Installations

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Remote Suction Option Can Be Added to any GMC/OMC Tank During Manufacture
Sample chambers, valve chambers and distribution chambers are custom order items - please call for more information.
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