Grease & Oil Interceptors

Green Turtle is a leading manufacturer of wastewater pretreatment solutions for grease, fuel, oil, fats, and solids. Products include interceptors, separators, and traps. Learn more about our grease interceptor and grease trap solutions today!

Green Turtle Grease and Oil Interceptors

Explore Our Solutions

  • Acid Neutralization Systems - Used to neutralize acidic waste water with a unique and easy to install under-sink solution for schools, laboratories, hospitals, and more.


  • Commercial Oil Interceptors - Used to separate oil from waste water in airports, vehicle servicing & maintenance garages, truck stops, convenience stores, fire stations, car washes, and more.

  • Commercial Grease Interceptors - Used to separate grease from waste water in commercial applications such as restaurants, food services, distribution centers, schools, commercial offices, hotels, casinos, resorts, grocery stores, and more.

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